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I’m David, and I’ve experienced those changes.
You don’t have to think less of yourself anymore. You are loved. Embracing this frees you to make changes you’ve wanted. It also leads to changes you’ll be completely surprised by.
On this site you’ll find writings challenging us not to simply know we are loved but to accept this profound love as our identity.

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I grew up comforted by the idea of being loved and accepted by God. I really latched onto the theological and intellectual study of God’s love for us.

But then I started to realize this was no test, no pop-quiz, no lecture. This is life. The life given to me. The focus should have been experiential. I am loved. You too.
It changes a lot. So much so I now realize how much we are valued for who we are.
And this actually frees us to change. That’s the big fancy theological order to it all anyway.
God loves us. Then we change.


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