Rain For Washing

This rain is not for growth since the crops are done,
Instead the water is for washing you.
Your iniquities are being cleansed,
Washed to become more yourself.
You weren’t meant to be filthy. Be assured, you were filthy!
But the stains are finally coming out.
You’re gaining a sense of just how much grime was pressed down into your skin,
How much dirt caught in between your fingernails.

This water is for washing.
You are finding even
your broken,
and bruised,
and mangled feet being washed.
Someone is washing them for you.
And now the beaten paths you tread become clearer
Though you’ve cast them far out of your mind.
But that’s what this rain is for anyways,
To finally rid you of the dust and dirt that clung to you for too long.


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