Discard insignificance and accept you are loved.

Can you resonate with any of the following?

  • Kids at youth group gave you a hard time…but you are loved.
  • Your parents held expectations well beyond who you are…but you are loved.
  • You beat yourself up after failing the 1,000th time attempting to change for the better…but you are loved.

How you embrace your identity changes everything, despite your circumstances.

It’s remarkable how the Gospel writer John referred to himself, as the one whom Jesus loved.  I think he was onto something more than a clever literary device.  I think he was expressing his identity to everyone unabashedly.


I’m David Mieksztyn, the one whom Jesus loves.

What a sentiment to fully embrace!  It’s the undercurrent for the writings found here on my site.

You are not alone in your sorrow, your doubts, your fears, your failings.  You can find a redemptive perspective in any situation.  I’m sifting through it all myself.

This site contains original content in the form of poems and articles, as well as quick takes from others, all of it offering a glance into a life continually renewed by Love.

The Inspiration page provides context from others who have delved thoughtfully into the issues of accepting just how greatly we are loved.

My physical change is also highlighted on the blog, demonstrating the vast distance between symptoms and a root cause.  Once I accepted a deep sense of value I changed physically, not the other way around.

We tend to answer who we are by talking about our job.20170728_185125
Or what we’ve done.
Or where we live.

But there is an answer to who you are that permeates throughout your being:

You are loved, you just are.

It’s a phrase I was only able to explain to you theologically growing up.  But it’s a phrase planting itself deep down into the inner most of my being, rooting itself, and producing a shorter and yet more profound introduction I could ever offer anyone.

Who am I?  I am loved by Love.