Physical Change

This page is dedicated to my journey of physical change.  But of course, the journey did not begin simply by tossing the bacon topped mac and cheese off the table or smacking the poutine burger out of my hands.  Neither did it start at day one in the gym, when I finally committed to going every day of the week.  It began well before diet and exercise commitments.  It started with a group of friends committed to sharing each other’s joys and sorrows in safe community.

Four Years July ChangeAccepting who I was, someone loved by Love, was the catalyst for change.  The paradox of it all is I had to accept exactly who I was in order to change from who I became.  My physical health was a disaster and it was not trending towards becoming any better.  As the phrase kept popping in my head, you are loved, you just are, I was able to pick up the pieces and begin the process of changing my physical health.

In the menu to the right or below you’ll find my top posts explaining my physical change in greater detail and the motivation behind it.  Links are also provided to some of the best resources and practices I found in order to get back into shape.