Wandering Weathered

How far were you stretched from home?
Wandering weathered, which was needed,
The cost greater than anticipated,
The cuts and calluses deeper and harder.
You were never far off course,
As much as expected, but never lost,
Because of the tension of the ropes
You were pulled back home.
And there you collapsed into familiar,
And there you fell in under the directive:
Wade, wade in the water
God’s going to trouble the water.


Everything Overboard

Somewhere out there you discarded the ship’s contents,
It was everything you had, all you thought which was needed.
At first thaw some of it may wash ashore,
Begging you to gather it up and to use it all over again.

But you don’t need any of it,
You are back on land without it,
You are in possession of everything,
As you stand there with nothing.