Curing The Familiar

Why do we wander towards different places,
Looking to cure familiarity by creating new sets of same-old?
Can we dig deep into the present, the current,
Enough to satisfy the wayward heart?
I believe we can look into the eyes of others
In different places which stir us,
And we can find not only what we want to change
But how we can rest within everything we already have.


Live Your Identity

When you live with a shovel in your hand,
Tossing dirt on yourself in the pit you made,
You are dead.
When you live adjusting your mask so others see it just right,
Assuring others are fooled with your perfected painful presentation,
You are dead.
When you live running past opportunity,
Fearful of all the failures you foresee,
You are dead.

But when you find your identity
you serve others,
When you live your identity
you live wide awake,
When you rest in your identity
you honor what you are made for.